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A long-delayed ramble....

So this is going to be long and rambly about Doctor Who and Torchwood and the fandoms that have consumed me over the past couple of months. There will be babbling and there may be talk of fic as well as canon. You've been warned.

In the old days of LJ, I would have been ranting about each and every episode on my journal as I got into the show. Reacting and interpreting and squeeing madly and remembering every single detail over and over again. Instead I've blazed on through three and a half seasons, plus another one and a half of Torchwood and written nothing at all about it except for tweets and status updates.

So... here goes and this may get long: About Doctor WhoCollapse )

And then after a couple days of thumb twiddling, I have some things to day after two more episodes of Torchwood and one of Doctor Who...
TW 2x09-11 and 'Midnight'Collapse )

Making a point to post things to LJ

Especially fannish things.

So, I just managed to pay enough attention to realize that:

1) It's Sho's birthday and therefore Aquarius season and therefore nearly baranoneko's birthday as well as my fathers and Benkei's.

2) TeniPuri Festa 2011 just completed! (there are fun pics available on shinkata_san) They had some great cast this year, including all Seigaju (duh), all of Rikkai (Nao-kun!), all most of the important bits of Hyoutei, and all the important bits of Higa. Plus random Kishio Daisuke and Tosshi! A DVD I will certainly be wishing I could afford to import. Ugh but I hate the exchange rate right now.

3) My fandom shifts have been a bit ridiculous since I started my podfic addiction. Probably because my two most hardcore fandoms before the podfic addiction have one and zero recorded stories respectively. Boo. On the other hand, I have fallen in /love/ with certain of Katie Forsythe's work and with that particular fandom in both new and old incarnations.

4) I am now TWO FULL ALBUMS behind on my Sakamoto Maaya collection. I may be trying to rectify this in the near future. I'm so excited that she hit number one on the Oricon weekly sales, I'll feel remiss if I don't attempt to contribute to a good second week showing.

Hello 2011, here's hoping you bring me more focus and attention for the things I love. (Also, a bit more money would be nice.)

Some random links and things

Many things that were discussed on saturday night and I'm sure I'm missing lots of them here's what I remember.

- Amazing sushi/yakiniku place in Vancouver: http://www.shabusen.com/
- What Karaoke is like in Japan, and the two places in Seattle that we want to try out: http://www.sbkaraoke.com/ and http://sing.enkore-k.com/
- The Podfic Archive - almost everything that has been recorded is here. If it isn't, it's probably been posted to amplificathon. Looks like not so much in your particular fandom as there is is a couple of mine, but... anyway.
- Calhale's Twilight fanfic (seriously, if you are one of her fangirls, I will be so amused at how small the world is)
- A Very Potter Musical - awesome things that Darren Chriss did before he was Blaine on Glee.

And now I'm going to revel in having three consecutive days off. Probably by sewing some stuff and mailing very late Christmas presents to my mom and sister. I know, I'm a real rebel. XD


New Meme for the New Year

I got a new (to me) iPod about a month ago, and I've noticed a lot of new music in my rotation lately, so I figured now is as good a time as any to play around with another nice big music meme.

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Another new show in my life...

So Glee. I watched the first two discs of the first season tonight.

It's not Dr. Who. It's not Torchwood. It doesn't make me forget everything in the world or want to run away on an adventure, and there isn't the intese rush of fangirlish energy that I get every time The Doctor says 'fantastic' or Jack grins at his team.

But Glee has characters that I care about against all my original expectations. It has amazing music and it moves me. And that is definitely worth continuing to watch. Even before Darren Criss.

It really really makes me miss karaoke though. That 3 hours a week made life so so much better.

In other news, I have a white linen hood sitting on my sewing machine. For competition? Maybe. For awesome? I certainly hope so.

Randomocity and Plans...

When Maya burns time on the internet, randomness results:

Head Computers, step one: http://dvice.com/archives/2011/01/contact-lenses.php

WANT TO GO TO THIS: http://www.springawakening.com/tickets-and-tour-schedule (Tacoma hopefully... I need to study a map and my days off...)

Also upcoming events for me:

http://www.sakuracon.org/ - April 22-24

http://www.animeoasis.org/ - May 26-29

I think this means that I really need to stop quilting and clean up my sewing area to get going on costumes. Ack.

Convention Costume and Event PlansCollapse )

Good Day Off...

Had my best day off in a while yesterday. Got a full night of rest, woke up and recorded and edited my first podfic! (Something I would be strictly unable to do with Jess at home) And then played some Lego Rock Band (I spent a long time practicing expert vocal in RB3 last night, so I wanted to go back to something sillier.)

I also finished up listening to a 7.5 hour Torchwood fic ("Get Loved, Make More, Try to Survive"). >.> Yeah. It was cute. I did not watch any more Torchwood or Doctor Who, because I am saving it to savor at a later date while I work on a costume, hopefully.

Wow. LiveJournal entries are long. I've gotten so used to facebook and twitter and their short little posts.

And tehn after a bit of Bones, Jess agreed to watching the first episode for DW with the ninth doctor. Decided that we're going to finish Bones first, but it looks like we might be giving it a shot. We'll see. ^_^

Happy new week everyone!

Horrible horrible feeling....

Just woke up from a dream that involved Vern and (I think) E screaming at me about the condition of my store to a corporate visitor (probably Steve or Kevin). I am grateful that it wasn't Val and Dianna... then I would be crying. More. >.> At least my brain spared me that.

This is the first work-nightmare since the demotion, so this worries me a lot. Hopefully if it's one of my dreams that ends up happening in de ja vu, I'll be more prepared.

It could also be related to the fact that I have the plague and my lungs have been trying to vacate my body for a a day and a half. Please let this be some sort of fever-induced paranoia. That would be much better.

Dear Bus Driver...

Dear Community Transit Driver on route 202 south, which reached the Mariner Park & Ride around 6:07 pm on October 7th.
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I may or may not have spent the last three hours in photoshop working on a texture and gradient set for damnned Shitenhouji jersies. Now to test to see how the Yudu handles it and then start the epic search for a yellow knit that Jess and I can actually agree on.

For anyone wondering what I'm going on about...
Take a look at this team's uniforms. See that lovely leafy green texture pattern? I'm trying to screen print it onto plain fabric. Yes I may have lost my mind.

ladyofthegate found me a potential Shiraishi wig locally: at Display & Costume. (Which means another chance to visit Pacific fabrics. ^_^ I only wish that their clearance outlet was closer than Seattle. >.>)

Also, there are work things. But I have Friday off and we get to see Chris, so that worry can wait for another day.

It should also be noted that I got my second ear piercing on... monday evening I think. So soon I shall be able to show off more than one set of earrings at once. ^___^

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