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Torchwood - Miracle Day Ep. 1

Bit of a babbling review here, probably nothing very spoilerific, but under a cut just for safety.
Short Opinion: The whole American accents thing is very odd.
The idea is very interesting. And disturbing. In a way I don't entirely want to process at the moment.
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Also also, my computer made it through the whole episode without freezing up on the video, so that is /very/ exciting. ^_^
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Two unrelated bits of babble

I have two things to babble about before I go to sleep.
1) I started rewatching Weiβ Kreuz tonight, and no amount of knowing how horribly cliche and lame it is can reduce my enjoyment of it. Actually, despite the age of the show, the art and the voice performances are actually quite good. Even the background characters, who aren't big names most of the time. If anyone throws me for a loop it's actually Koyasu, because for some reason that's not how Aya sounds in my head.
After all these years, I still love these characters; love the ridiculous predictable plots; love all of it. People can judge me, I really don't care. XD I'm also importing most of the CDs again, to see if I still like the music as much as I remember. I guess we'll see.

2) It's CD Japan sale time again, and even though I have no money I'm poking through things and making a list for things that I like and might want some day.
-New Kusuda Toshiyuki CD
-Meisa's "One More Drama" CD - First Press, with DVD and poster. ^_^
-Nao-kun's Yumekibo Ressha Limited edition still available.
-Amuro Namie Single "Break It/Get Myself Back"
-Crystal Kay's "Journey" - because I need more of her music.
-Nao-KUN'S "Infinity" album - since I recently realized that I really need more of hi
-As a note that I can't be bothered to research at the moment, I should also look into finishing my collection of HaruDaki manga and Drama CDs, since I think they're all completed now. CDs got up to volume 8 and the manga finished at Volume 14. Since the CDs tended to cover a little more than one volume that means the CDs are probably complete as well. And I could really use more MikiShin in my life lately. As well as MoriMori. ^_^

Other ranty things could include ways in which my computer is freaking me out lately, ways in which work is crazy, and ways in which I am not working on packing or cosplay nearly enough right now, but I'm happy in my escapism so I'll let all that be for the moment.

Angelique Sacrea Meme

So, was linked to an personality quiz meme from AngeMedia today. (The quiz is here for those that can't see it.)
As usual with me and personality tests, changing one answer that I was waffly on sent me on two very different paths. Also, I don't know my parent's blood types.

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NO FEAR / あいすること [[Drama Babble and Music Meme]]

After finishing Freeter yesterday, I pokes at a few of the other series I had on my hard drive. Collapse )

And now, a meme:
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like (or think will actually do this) and tag me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's harder than you think.

Your Artist: Maaya Sakamoto (I chose her to give myself lots of titles to choose from, and I wonder if I should have chosen someone less prolific. XD)

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Writer's Block: No reservations required

If you could go out to dinner with a character from a current TV show, who would you choose, and why?

The Doctor. No question. Even if he would be crazy and look like Eleven. He would be so so interesting to talk with. If it didn't say current show, the answer would be different of course, but... yeah. Merlin or River Song would be pretty good back up answers if needed.
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Funny how things change

I feel I should post to say that despite stress, I've been feeling much better the last week or so, about a lot of things.

And then I went back in my LJ to a post from 2008n and was reminded that lots of important work anniversaries happen for me around this time.
It's now been about five years since I stepped up into the Home Dec Coordinator, a year after than I stepped up to MTL after Cori left (though I'll admit that Jenni still did most of the work) and then a year later (three years ago today) Val offered me the OTL position. And then about two years after that I let her know that I would be leaving in the summer to move to Seattle. And the rest... isn't really history yet.

It's hard to remember those times and read how excited I was, how ready to learn. I need to get back to that headspace somehow. Something to work on.

Happy birthday to all my various Pisces friends and fictional characters! March is a good time to be born.
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Escapism. FTW.

Since it now appears that it takes me the better part of a week to write a note/LJ post, here's the rundown of the time since I started trying to post this:

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And to try to get my brain back to working shape, I'm working on a translation:
(and since I know there are people on my F-list who do this /for a living/, I should note that criticism is very welcome, but I'm mostly just flying by the seat of my pants to try to get back into the habit and because the song really got to me. So this is rough and unfinished in the extreme with a lot of artistic license taken.
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Also: HAH! Watch my default LJ icon be appropriate for once!
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Two Babbly Reviews

What feels like a million years ago I was really excited about the BeatRockLove movie. Which basically was half of original Rikkai plus Araki are in a high school JRock band with a non-tenimyu lead singer...

So now years and years later I found a torrent somewhere and am giving it a watch.
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I wish there were more songs. I mean... there were two songs in Ai no Kotodama and he wasn't even a singer. Ooh.... maybe I'll put that on. I should watch a drama I haven't seen before but... meh.

In any case, a day or two later, my torrents for something very very shiny finished:
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