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The Great Game (BBC Sherlock 1x03)

And so tonight, I have tacos, and just enough time to watch the last episode of the BBC Sherlock.
First Off: Grammar FTW!
And here we go.

This is the first episode I've watched since listening to almost the entirety of
The intro is a fantastic sample of their interactions, and again they did a lovely job of integrating tiny facets of the original story. The reference to Sherlock's lack of 'common' knowlege.
Oh my god. The references. The little off hand comments. Orange Pips (clearly alluding to FIVE), and the analysis of the paper and the writing being a woman's, like in NAVA.

And then there's the story. Which is. Fucking. Fantastic.
The story is involving and elaborate and watching Sherlock's brilliant mind sort through all of it. You can thrill right along with Sherlock, and then you have this moment where you have to think about the human side of it. That there's a kid or an old woman out there, with a bomb strapped onto them.

"Don't make people into heroes, John. Heroes don't exist and if they did, I wouldn't be one."

And oh my God, Moriarty. The voice, and the attitude. And.... John. Lord, John.
"That thing you offered to do, that was good."

Ok, anyway.... I couldn't be bothered to write much while the show was going on.
So, impressions. The first was 'WHAAAAT?! They ended it THERE??'
I have to admit that watching this was more like re-watching it. I've listened to enough fic that the final confrontation was like seeing pieces fit into a puzzle that was already mostly done. Which was still amazing. But... but... there isn't a continuation of this yet. There isn't any answer to what happens next.

So now I have to think about it. The episode was beautifully executed. As was the whole series. And assuming that nothing drastic (like unexpected character death) happens first thing in the next series, they've set up a really interesting relationship amongst the characters.
There are so many great things going on.... there's John, who is all the right kinds of clever and brave, while still having enough of a heart to be a foil to Sherlock's madness. And Lestrade is actually quite well played too, efficient and lawful and a good inspector for all of that. And he has his own team of course, who all have room to develop. Then there's Sherlock, and Benedict Cumberbatch is... so perfect. He is a remarkably beautiful Holmes, thin and pale and unique looking. And his voice is so distinctive and beautiful. But he acts the part of Holmes's desperate genius to perfection and it's a joy to watch.

And... there are so many stories. So many clever ways that they've updated and involved the original adventures. I don't doubt at all that they could keep this up for some time, and I really hope that they do.

I have to sleep now, but I'm sure there will be more ranting later once all this has percolated. XD


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