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Torchwood - Miracle Day Ep. 1

Bit of a babbling review here, probably nothing very spoilerific, but under a cut just for safety.
Short Opinion: The whole American accents thing is very odd.
The idea is very interesting. And disturbing. In a way I don't entirely want to process at the moment.
Very glad to see Andy investigating along with Gwen too. "Reclaiming Camelot" made me think of it and it makes a bit of sense to me.
Jack not healing is possibly the scariest part of this whole mess.
I feel... a bit like I feel when there are Americans in a Japanese drama. Like this is the UK version of the times when Japan goes "this place is big and mean, it must be America!". Only the British version is "There are guns and the death penalty! Also, people talk a lot and there is a bunch of government intervention that actually helps nothing!"
I'm pretty sure the CIA room is the same room that they used for UNIT HQ in the end of DW Series 4... but moving on.
Interesting for sure. I just hope it starts feeling a little more natural, because right now.... the dialogue and setting is rather awkward. I know that I'm more socially conscious about culture differences than most of the US, but I can't be the only person feeling this.
Anyway, glad to see Torchwood back and definitely curious to see more. And at least it /feels/ a bit like Torchwood.

Also also, my computer made it through the whole episode without freezing up on the video, so that is /very/ exciting. ^_^


Jul. 17th, 2011 08:29 pm (UTC)
I was quite excited to find out you were watching Torchwood, because I always want more people to babble at about it. I didn't watch the whole thing in four days, more like 4-5 months, but still. (And I've never watched past episode 2 of Children of Earth, because I know what's coming and the whole 'possessing children' thing doesn't sit well with me).
I agree with mortality being an interesting turn for Jack, and I'm sure we'll see some great development come from it. I'm guessing it points to every human-shaped thing on earth being switched over to exactly the same state of being. I know full well to never try to predict where DW of TW are going with a story line though, it's much more fun just to go along for the ride.
I don't think you've got too much to worry about in terms of Jack wandering off to Doctor Who again though, series five and six so far seem fully intent of pretending none of The Doctor's companions from the earlier seasons even exist, let alone bringing them in for crossovers.
Ok, end babble now. Um... welcome to the fandom? Glad you're enjoying it. ^_^

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